Landscape Maintenance

Save yourself the time and hassle of maintaining a great looking yard! We provide a variety of scheduled services to meet your landscape needs.

Weekly Service

Our  service begins with regular visits March through October, and monthly visits during the winter months. We can tailor the service to meet your needs from basic trimming and mowing to all inclusive landscape care. All contracts are based on a 12 month time frame.
  • Lawn Maintenance:  Mowing & Trimming 
  • Landscape bed maintenance
  • Blowing of drives, walks, patios and decks
  • Fertilizing and Liming
  • Moss control
  • Season Floral Displays
  • Weed control
  • Pruning and hedging
  • Leaf clean-up
  • Rough area mowing and brush-cutting
  • Start up and Shut Down and maintainence of your irrigation system
Pruning The staff at Wild Plum has had extensive training in this area.  Pruning is done in accordance with the standards of good practice and in accordance with the intended function of the plant in its present locations.  
  • Shrubs and Ground covers
  • Small Trees
  • Hedges
Seasonal Clean-up
Wild Plum can return your landscape to a maintainable condition. We can clean beds, prune, cut back, and more.
  • Trim and mow lawn areas
  • Clean flower beds of weeds, leaves and debris
  • Establish freshly cut lawn edges
  • Prune, cut back, or remove plants
  • Install compost, mulch, or gravel to landscape beds, pathways, and parking areas.
  • Brush cut overgrown areas
  • Clean up leaves
  • Apply weed control
Lawn Renovation
Return your lawn areas to a lush, healthy, beautiful condition.
  • Aeration
  • De-thatching
  • Moss Control
  • Over seeding
  • Top dressing
Bulb & Flower Planting
  • Designed for your site and tastes
  • Choice Northwest grown flowers
  • Exceptional tulips and daffodils from the Netherlands 
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Decorative and unique pots available